Our Philosophy.

While your skin type remains the same throughout your life, the skins conditions alter. Pollutants, sun exposure, diet, sleep and other variables all play a role in the health of our canvas. Changes in environment should signify a change in skin care regime.

At Belle Beauty and Advanced Skin Therapy, we develop a tailor made treatment program based on careful analysis, assessment and discussion. We pride ourselves on on delivering treatments that are more than just skin deep; we care about each and every client and always conduct intensive consultations. 

A visit to Belle Beauty is not just a one off; we endeavor to educate you and develop a results driven skin care program that we invite you to embark on.

About Justine Bell

It was a trip to Germany five years ago that changed the path of Justine’s career. A Beauty Therapist with six years under her belt, it was then that she was introduced to the product house, Dermaviduals. This skin care range fostered a new lease of passion for her craft, and her hard work and dedication led to being awarded a trip to meet the man behind the innovation. Dr Hans Lautenschlager, an international leader in pharmacology and chemistry developed Dermaviduals in 1994, with a core belief that understanding skin at a deep cellular level is paramount to the aesthetic canvas that is our biggest organ.

Justine was awe inspired by Dr Hans, his unquestionable research, and prescriptive approach to skin care. Equipped with new powerful knowledge and a resurgence of dedication to her industry, Justine returned invigorated and ready to change the way people view their skin care regime.

Three years ago, Belle Beauty and Advanced Skin Therapy opened its doors, and Justine has carved out a reputation as being a highly regarded Corneotherapist; currently the only one in Darwin. Corneotherapy is a progressive treatment methodology that credits the prevention and reduction of structural inflammation with healthy skin.

Justine is passionate about education, and teaching clients about how to care for their skin from the inside out. She begins each treatment with a skin consultation, and shares her knowledge openly. She strives to bring understanding and a new-found respect for each clients skin, so that they will embark on a progressive journey to a healthier, more holistic regime of skincare.