Advanced Skin Analysis.

All skin Corrective Programs need to begin with a detailed Advanced Skin Analysis.

This intensive analysis involves consideration of lifestyle and medical conditions to better equip us with tailoring a suitable treatment plan for you. We act as CSI Investigators of the skin, looking beneath the surface, to discover and fix the issues that are affecting your skin.

We believe that skin cannot be fixed with one treatment, therefore we create tailored therapeutic plans; and products, to set you on the road to skin success. Whilst all our treatments are deliciously luxurious and calming, we want you to get more out of your experience than momentary relaxation.

Skin Corrective Programs are results driven plans that strive to correct dermal conditions and enable you to feel more comfortable and confident in your skin.

The Advanced Skin Analysis includes a treatment plan, prescription, home care advice and before images taken with the Observ Skin Diagnostic equipment.

 Allow 75 Minutes for the process.

Skin Re-assessment

If you notice a change in your skin condition, it may be time to change your skin care plan to match. Perhaps it has been a while since you have had your home care prescription checked. Sounds like it is time for a skin re-assessment.

In just 30 minutes, we can assess your prescription and implement changes if required. We can also take some progressive images with the Observ Skin Diagnostic equipment. Using your original images as a benchmark, we can better diagnose any changes in your skins condition, and create suitable treatment changes as appropriate.

Allow 30 minutes for the process.

Observ Skin Diagnostic Device

Take a journey beneath your skins surface with the revolutionary Observ Skin Diagnostic Device. Using the skins fluorescence in conjunction with advanced polarised illumination technology, the Observ reveals the skins concerns in high definition.

This progressive device enables us to identify problematic conditions at deeper dermal levels, including premature aging, oil flow and sun exposure.

While we understand that the process can be quite confronting, we assure you that these intensive images allow us to create a skin plan with prevention very much at the core.

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